YMCA Camp Timbers

Future Campers

FAQ First Year Campers

We gathered questions that first-time campers may be wondering about before coming to camp. We hope that this answers some of your questions!

Who will my cabinmates be?

You will have around 10 cabinmates that will be of similar age and gender to you. If you have a friend who is close in age (within 2 years) and of similar gender coming to camp with you can put in a cabinmate request, and we do our best to place you in the same cabin.

Will I make friends?

Our goal is that every camper will walk away with at least one new friend! Our staff will do activities and reflections that foster deep connections within your cabins.

Where will I sleep?

At Camp, you will sleep in a cabin with your cabinmates and your counselor(s). Cabins at camp all have bunk beds and are just a short walk to the bathroom.

What will I eat?

You will have 3 meals and 2 snacks a day at camp. Don’t worry if you don’t like what we are having you will have access to our fruit/cereal bar at breakfast and our salad bar at lunch and dinner. You won’t walk away hungry as we always have alternatives. If you have a special diet or allergy special options will also be available. A sample breakfast could be pancakes, bacon, milk, juice, and our fruit/cereal bar. A sample lunch could be chicken tenders, tater tots, milk, and our salad bar. A sample dinner could be spaghetti, meatballs, green beans, and our salad bar.

What will I do?

Camp will have tons of fun activities that you will do in your cabin groups including high adventure activities (Giant Swing, Climbing Tower, Zip Lines, and more!), Nature, Arts and Crafts, Fishing, Swimming, Sports and Games, Kayaks, Paddle Boards and more! Each day you will also have Hang Time with your Village (a Village is all the campers who are close in age to you) where you are able to pick what activity you would like to do.

What happens if I get bit by a snake?

It is very unlikely that you will get bit by a snake while at camp (we have never seen it happen). However, if you get hurt or sick, we have a health officer who will help you feel/get better.

How can I keep in touch with home?

Missing home is totally normal while at camp. Our main way that you will be able to keep in touch with home is via mail. Letters are a great way to let your family know that you miss them and tell them about all the fun things you are doing at camp—don’t worry if you do not know your address our camp staff will be happy to help!

I have medicine, how can I take it?

Medicine will be kept with our Health Officer in the Health Office and they will make sure that you get it when you need it. If you need something like an EpiPen or Inhaler they will stay with your counselor so you have it near you at all times.

What if I have some more questions?

We would love to answer your questions! Have an adult give us a call at 989-345-2630 or send us an email at Timbers@SaginawYMCA.org