Y Stories:Wanda Washington

Joining the Y was the best choice I made

My health journey began when I had a heart attack and my first stint was put in place. This was in 2007. I was then diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and arthritis.

Things spiraled downhill in 2013. I had to have a total left hip replacement. Before healing from that, I was in a car accident, which caused two blood clots on both sides of my heart. The doctor said that if I hadn’t come to the hospital when I did that my husband would have been a widower.

Six weeks after that, the stint that had been placed in 2007 collapsed and clogged up. I was sent to Henry Ford where instead of just replacing the one stint, six more were put in place. My procedure was done on a Thursday. They sent me home on Friday, but I was flown back by helicopter on Saturday due to internal bleeding.

In 2018 I enrolled in an insurance program that offered Silver Sneakers. I joined the Y and it was the best choice I made. Since joining the Y, I’ve lost weight and my sugar has come down so much that my diabetes is in remission. The Dance Fit class with Chelsea gets me moving and breathing better. The classes are great because not only are they fun, but they have contributed so much to my new, healthier life. It’s great to be surrounded by amazing people on their own health journeys. It’s great to be at the Y!