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Never Stop Learning

Learning Lectures

Gather with friends or relax by yourself at these free, open-to-the-public informational sessions provided by experts in their field.

Topics are broad, but typically focus on health and wellness.

Healthy Aging: Fit After 50


Join in this learn series as presenters feed your mind, spirit and soul.  Often the community comes together at the Y for their physical and fellowship needs but neglect their mental needs.  This class will bridge the disconnect.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Make time to attend and be the best you.

Tuesday, April 23
Speaker at 12:00 pm
RSVP to Chelsea Keagel – (989) 753-7721 ext 202 or

Renue Physical Therapy at the Y

Wednesday, April 24
Lunch and Speaker at 1:00 pm
RSVP to Chelsea Keagel – (989) 753-7721 ext 202 or


What do you know about the YMCA Movement?
Gather with friends and enjoy a 45 minute presentation that will change your perspective on the important work the Y does each and every day.
Presentation varies monthly, but focus remains on our Y cause.

Wednesday, May 8
Lunch and Speaker at 1:00 pm
RSVP to Chelsea Keagel – (989) 753-7721 ext 202 or

Renue Physical Therapy at the Y

Wednesday,  May 15
Lunch and Speaker at 1:00 pm
RSVP to Chelsea Keagel – (989) 753-7721 ext 202 or


Part of the Senior Connect project is to built out a robust offering of programs including social clubs.  Social clubs are volunteer driven and are a way to live a fulfilled life alongside friends with similar interests.

Friday, May 17
at 1:00 pm
RSVP to Chelsea Keagel – (989) 753-7721 ext 202 or

Art & Lunch

Wednesday,  May 22
Lunch and Speaker at 1:00 pm
RSVP to Chelsea Keagel – (989) 753-7721 ext 202 or

Veterans Health Program – Learn and Leisure Series

RSVP required before the events to (989) 753-7721 ext 218
or search ‘Veteran’ on Eventbrite

Next Event:   May 14

Socialization is crucial to helping Veterans’ bodies respond to stress and prior trauma. Once a month the YMCA will open our doors to all Veterans, who want to share a snack together, socialize and partake in recreation activities.

Guest speaker from a Veterans focused organization. Following the speaker the Saginaw YMCA is open for all Veterans and their families to utilize the facility.

Mark your calendar for the future months events. The Learn and Leisure Series is only one program in a series of programs that make up the YMCA Veterans Health Program.

On Tuesdays, Veterans are also welcome to use the Y facility for the day.

Lunch and Learn - St Mary's 01-19-16

Note to Experts Interested in Providing a Learning Lecture at the Y:

Our members and neighbors call us THEIR Y, we call them our greatest asset. In the Saginaw community for more than 150 years, the YMCA of Saginaw, welcomes businesses to schedule use of our community room for presentations that will benefit our members and veterans in the Saginaw community.

If the business owners wish, they can provide a light lunch or coffee and a snack.
We can recommend a cafe nearby that actually delivers with 24+ hours notice.

We would request the presenter share a flyer with the information regarding the event. They could have RSVP’s go directly to their business or we could take them here via our program registration system at the Y on their behalf.

Do you have a topic and date range in mind?
Contact Chelsea Keagel to check the calendar