Veterans – Learning & Meal

Socialization is crucial to helping Veterans’ bodies respond to stress and prior trauma. Many times a year the YMCA will open our doors to all Veterans, who want to share a snack together, socialize and partake in recreation activities.

Family welcome. Includes a snack or light meal and guest speakers who will address a wide array of diverse topics that affect Veterans and their families.

Guest speaker from a Veterans focused organization.
Following the speaker the Saginaw YMCA is open for all Veterans and their families to utilize the facility.
  • at 5pm – Veterans FREE Learn and Leisure
    Provided to the community at no cost, but

    RSVP by noon the Friday before the event for food counts.

  • in the notebook at our membership desk or
  • Doug Temple – (989) 753-7721 ext 218 or
  • Usually 2nd Tuesdays
    • March 10, 2020
    • April 14, 2020