Volleyball – Adult

Recreational, League, Tournament

Saturday, February 11, 2017
Co-Ed Adult Indoor Volleyball Tournament

How many players per team?

  • Minimum of 6 players per team and no more than 8
    • Players are allowed to play on one team only.

Gender ratio

  • At least 2 men and 2 women per team.
  • At least one woman and one man must be on the court at all times.

Tournament Guideline

  • Guaranteed 2 games
  • First game determines bracket
  • Single elimination after first game
  • Games will be played at the top of the hour with a one hour lunch break at 12:00pm.
    • Teams have a 10 minute grace period. After 10 minutes they will forfeit.
  • Tournament will start at 9:00am and go till 6:00pm
Contact our Sports Coordinator.