ActivTrax FAQs

  • What is ActivTrax?
    • ActivTrax provides you with powerful adaptive technology to help you succeed on your health and fitness quest. By bringing all your needs into one application, we are more effective in delivering results. Eliminate boredom from your workouts, enhance your personal training experience, and become more conscious of what you eat and how you feel.

  • Will there be a screen on each piece of equipment?
    • No, the tracking is done via phone or paper. There is a desktop computer on the wellness floor for members to use to print workouts. Once workout is finished members will leave their workout sheet at the wellness staff desk and staff will add the workout to their account.
  • What are the yellow numbers on the machines for?
    • The numbers are used for members who may not know what each machine’s proper title is. The workouts have the title and the number next to them to easily locate.
  • What if I do not use a smart phone?
    • Members will be able to print their workout, record exercise, then turn the paper in and wellness staff will input results into their account.
  • Can I only use this software when I am at the Y?
    • No, once you have an orientation with a Y staff you are able to use this software anywhere at any time.
    • If a member terminates their membership it also terminates their ActivTrax account.
  • When did we start using ActivTrax?
    •  July 10, 2017
  • At what age can a member be trained on ActivTrax?
    • Age 16+

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