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Philosophy Plus Group – Public

Weekly Event

We Can Not Solve Our Problems

With the Same Thinking We Used When We Created Them
You’re invited to join us once a week when the world’s current events, hot topics and mysteries take center stage as the Philosophy Group meets on Saturday’s starting at 9:00 am in the community room.
The Philosophy Club at the Saginaw Y is a community benefit that will engage, enlighten, and challenge individuals to say “what if”.

Social responsibility is one of the key missions of the Saginaw Family YMCA…and it distinguishes us from our for-profit colleagues in the health and fitness world. Creating a high-value, affordable place for our members to belong is critical to us …and so is our commitment to bettering the communities around us.

5/25/2019 Leo Romo-Saginaw’s Black History in the 1800s-Some Firsts
6/1/2019 John Micsak-Who do we think we are? The shadow of childhood.
6/8/2019 Mike Enright-Folk Songs of Compassion, Justice and Peace
6/15/2019 Diedre Knox-How the Brain Works!
6/22/2019 Harry Lenhart-Money
6/29/2019 Mike Enright-How to Stay Happy as We Age
7/6/2019 Ira-Crash Course Literature-start with lesson# 21-Slaughterhouse Five, part 1
7/13/2019 Potluck
7/20/2019 Ron Denner-Global Warming is a Fraud
7/27/2019 Mike Enright-The Greatest Speeches in US History
8/3/2019 Jerry Wiling-Things That Go Bump in the LIGHT
8/17/2019 Ron Denner-Exactly How Politics Really Work

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