Age Guidelines

  • Age 7 and younger: Parent must be in the pool with this age group and within arms reach of the child during Family and Open Swim.
  • Age 8-15 must have a parent in the pool area to enter the pool area during Family Swim.
  • Age 8-15 must have a parent in the building during Open Swim.
  • Please see the lifeguard for swim test and wrist band for all youth.
  • A supervising adult is considered to be a person age 18+.

Proper Attire and Etiquette

  • Everyone must shower prior to entering the pool area.
  • Bathing suits are required
    (i.e. swim trunks for men and boys, one- or two-piece suits or women and girls).
  • Requests for alternative wear due to religious and/or cultural reasons may be addressed directly with the Aquatics Director.
  • T-shirts may be worn over suits.
  • Cutoffs are not permitted.
  • Street shoes and gym shoes are not permitted on the pool deck.
  • Children who are not yet toilet trained must wear swim diapers.
    • Cloth or disposable diapers cannot be worn in the pool.


  • The lifeguard has complete authority over the pool area.
  • Please walk on the deck and in locker rooms at all times.
  • Diving is not permitted unless in the 9’ end of the deep pool.
  • People with infectious medical conditions should refrain from swimming.
  • Inform YMCA staff of anything that may be a safety issue.


  • The lifeguard on duty must approve all toys and other equipment brought to the facility.
  • All YMCA pool toys/equipment must remain at the pool.
  • Kick boards and pull buoys are provided only to lap swimmers and those enrolled in swim classes.
  • Inflatable flotation devices are not permitted in the pool.