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Volunteers are the most vital and irreplaceable element of the Y. In short, we simply cannot do what we need to create such a lasting and meaningful impact in Saginaw without them!

By their very nature, volunteers help root the YMCA to its identity as an association of people motivated by an ethic of service. In fact, the Y’s original founder was a volunteer named George Williams. He saw a community need and created the Y to help fill that need.

To maintain our association charter, the YMCA involves all types of volunteers in our programs, services, and leadership opportunities. For example, one thing all YMCA’s have in common is that they are all led by a group of volunteers, the Board of Directors.

The YMCA of Saginaw also utilizes volunteers in many areas of programming, facility and grounds projects and improvements, committee work, and fundraising, just to name a few. The Y has volunteer opportunities for nearly everyone no matter what your interests or talents might be.

If you’re at least age 16 and interested in volunteering, please bring in the form below with documentation and wait to hear back from us. 

How to Volunteer!

NOTE:  You cannot volunteer for us instantly.  We need time to complete a background check, which could take several days because we are all part-time staff and don’t work every day.

First:  Click to Print a Volunteer Form.
Complete the 2 pages and bring to the Saginaw YMCA with a copy of your social security card.

After you have been approved and contacted with hours ……

Dress code: When you are here doing your service hours you will get a t-shirt to wear over your regular shirt at the front desk while you serve. Please leave this shirt here when you are done and it will be washed. This will eliminate not having a shirt to wear during service or needing to replace shirts so often. Also, please, dress in proper, although casual wear.

  • No jeans
  • No sweats
  • No rips or holes in pants.  Slacks or even yoga pants are fine as long as clean, free of holes and not revealing. No tight or low riding pants.
  • Shoes need to be clean and presentable.
  • If you help out as the Y mascot, you need to wear a long sleeved black shirt and black pants.
  • There are badges that also need to worn that identify you as a Y-volunteer.

Volunteer Coordinator Needed –
We need a Volunteer to coordinate our volunteers.

We have an extensive list volunteer opportunities where we need a representative on the road!

For example: We have yard games of Corn Hole, Yardzee, Giant Jenga that we have been taking to Party on McCarty and Friday Night Live and more ….

Please contact me for details regarding on these and more:

Doug Temple (989) 753-7721

We offer a one-time, special 30-day offer to new members considering Y membership.

Try us! You’ll love the Saginaw Family YMCA. Then ask about joining as a full facility member to enjoy our amazing benefits year-round.

Be fit. Be healthy.
And be part of something bigger than yourself.